Friday, May 29, 2015

Subtitles and Suffixes

On today's episode of first world problems: You know what gets my goat? When Dubs or subtitles on anime put a character's first name in the dialogue or on the screen when they're actually being called by their last name. I suppose this is a bit more okay in a dubbing situation where dialogue timing/ lip flap timing might be an issue, but it's really discordant in subtitles as you hear the character say the other character's last name and suffix.

          Japan hosts a very stuffy culture and the way someone addresses someone else holds a world of importance. According to nearly everything I've read or heard about the language even people who have been close friends for YEARS never, EVER call each other by their first name. Being on a first name basis with someone implies intimacy on the scale of being someone's lover or immediate family member. They should at least be able to get it right in subtitles. Anyway, enough whining from me. Just thought I'd get that out there.

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  1. Or, the character is clearly saying "oni-chan" or another honorific, and they replace it with "Mitsubishi-san" or whatever. Cuz us dumb non-Japanese might forget the due's name in 10 seconds!