Monday, May 18, 2015

How may I Lovecraft your sandwich today?

So, I was thinking of opening a Cthulhu Mythos themed sandwich shop. 
"Dagon's Sandwich Shack; where all the food is crafted with love."  
Here are some of the menu options I've come up with:

The Sandwich over Innsmouth: A 12 inch sub with turkey on the first 4 inches, Chicken on the next 4 inches and Tuna on the last 4 inches.

The Sandwich out of time: (Our Paleo option)Thinly sliced roast Bison served with shaved carrots and cabbage on Cashew Pancakes. For Hardcore Paleo Lovers we’ll even hide the ingredients in certain (Absolutely sanitary) places in our restaurant and let you hunt and gather your sandwich yourself!

The Dunwich:(Our  low carb/ Gluten Free Option): Any of our sandwiches stuffed into the hollowed out and lightly roasted mantle of a squid.

The Color out of Sandwich: (Our Vegetarian/Vegan Option)Portabella Mushroom Caps marinated in a mixture of olive oil, red wine vinegar and fresh basil and thyme, grilled and served on lettuce, onion and tomato and Crusty Italian Bread dyed with beet juice. Vegan customers can request the same wrapped in red cabbage! Comes with unlimited well drinks!

So what do you think? Sound appetizing? Would you buy a Franchise? Have an idea for a mythos based sandwich of your own? Leave ‘em in the comments below! Thank-you!

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  1. At the Mountains of Meatball

    Ground beef meatballs cooked in a sweet hot banana pepper and tomato sauce, topped with carambola slices (starfuit), and mung bean sprouts. Encased in a tortilla, rolled cigar shaped, pinched at the ends, and deep fried until golden brown. Ask about our frozen 4 packs, perfect for midnight feedings!