Sunday, May 31, 2015

On Respect for Fallen Soldiers

Someone on my face book feed posted the another version of this picture earlier today. Only the bottom caption read, "Then you don't have a heart."  This upset me slightly, because, despite how moldy, small, and shriveled it may be, I do have a heart. I also have something else. It's called respect. It's a quality that the person who made the click/share bait version of this picture apparently lacks.
        Look at the people in this picture, look at them. Look at the man who fell doing the things most of us cannot do to defend our country. Look at the woman who is staring at him, look at the heartbroken child reaching for someone he'll never hug, or play with, or talk to again. Look at the pain, look at the grief. It's real, it's palpable. It's tragic.  IT'S NOT A FUCKING MEME! 
       Do you think these people gave permission for the picture of one of their darkest times to be turned into a face book popularity booster and judgment tool? Do you think this funeral was held for the benefit of do nothings who want to feel smug by posting a picture they were not personally involved in and then making an assumption about those who won't wallow in the same sense of superiority?  Do the people who post this kind of garbage really think the world revolves around them that much?   I'm pretty much willing to say that "No" is probably the answer to the first question. As for the others; who can tell?
     All I know is this. I won't share the picture as it was. I won't share it, not because I lack a heart and the human empathy that comes with it, but because no matter how small, moldy and disused it is I do have one.  Respect our fallen warriors, my friends, grieve with and where you can, help out their families. Don't share in their humiliation, Don't share pictures that guilt other people into sharing them. They deserve better than that. 

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