Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Thoughts and things I want that will probably never happen.

I want a new, non-hentai Valis game. I'm talking the real deal, animated cut scenes, a plot copy and pasted out of Leda: The Fantastic Adventures of Yohko. A girl, a pleated mini-skirt, some improbable armor and a sword. Monsters would die, Bishounen evil generals would dramatically kick the bucket and the magic of dreams would save the day. I want it so badly I can taste it. Heck, you could even throw in the occasional panty-flash for the fanservice crowd. I can't decide if I'd like it to be a 2d platformer or a an experience like Lollipop Chainsaw or Bayonetta, but if it had the above criteria and was decently playable I would sell vital bodily fluids to get my grubby little paws on it either way. It would be even better if the character could be customized, still cute and anime-ish, but with different facial features, eyes, body-types and general costumes available. Heck, the costume pieces could be found in game to enhance replay value.

        Perhaps it is foolish to dream however. It seems, sadly, that the era of video-gaming that would produce such a game is long gone. Everything now a days stars generic buzz cut soldiers of either the terrestrial or extra terrestrial subtype. Strong female characters either draw the wrath of the gaming community or are made into submissive jokes. They even managed to spay Samus Aran, the original badass bitch of gaming, making her into nothing but a panting doe-eyed lustbucket who bases whether or not she can do something on the say so of her crush/"infinitely wiser" commanding officer. Fuck that. Do not want.

      I want strong female characters in games. I want women who would and do rescue their boyfriends instead of vice versa. It doesn't mean she has to be a slab of muscle, it doesn't mean she still can't be sexy and stylish while doing it, it does mean that she kicks ass and makes no bones about it. I want a female hero. I want her to be written as a woman, not as a man in panty-hose. Is that so much to ask?

      Yes, she'll be sexualized. That's inevitable. I don't particularly care about that. I'm sad that it would have to happen on one hand, on the other hand however I am a great fan of Hentai, so I don't really have room to talk. There will be rule 34, and a great deal of it, because the current society cannot stand to have a female character that hasn't been brought to heel in some way shape or form. I just want the hero, the character, and the kick-ass game that would host her and I'm sure fans of the Valis series and other games such as the Guardian Legend would agree with me.

     Sadly I am not a game programmer and can't currently afford to higher someone to do so for me. I don't think my ideas and initial sketches would catch anyone's eye on kickstarter. So for now my dream will remain a dream. Maybe one day the gaming community will grow up and I'll get something along the lines of what I want. In the meanwhile I can always dream...

                                    Thank-you for taking the time to read this and listen to my thoughts. Comments are welcome below. Have a good day gentle readers.
-Cameron Carrington

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