Monday, June 12, 2017

Scum who scam and scams from scum.

So I got a phonecall from some scammers again today. I kind of rolled with the punches and didn't give them any information until they hung up. ( After giving me a private number to call, in essence trying to make me do the legwork so they can attempt to bilk money out of me.)
That would have been it. I would not have called the number and we could have all gotten on with our days, but no, the duplicitous little sphincters had the nerve to call me back and ask me why I hadn't yet gone along with the next stage of their little game.
I did something I rarely do. I lost my temper. I cursed the guy on the phone out something fierce and all but promised to pledge myself to their legal and financial destruction. That bit of fight or flight reflex out of the way now I feel sick and scared shitless that this is going to bite me on the ass somehow. I'm barely resisting the urge to cry and am feeling so small and stupid and alone right now. So, on top of everything else my night is ruined. I hate people sometimes.
This page discusses the scam these dickfarts tried to perpetrate on me, if you're curious:

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