Friday, September 19, 2014

Unsettling thoughts #1

Sometimes certain facts and theories about fictions and fandoms strike me weirdly. This is one of the thoughts I've had recently:
       It has been theorized by some in the pokemon fandom that all the creatures in the pokemon world are in fact just different strains of Pokemon. This includes human beings. My question is this? If humans are pokemon, what prevents other people from beating the crap out of them and capturing them in pokeballs. This would take stalking in a whole, new, terrifying direction. Imagine if you could literally imprison and carry your crush with you every where you go, if you could keep them in a state of suspended animation, alive and in your power, but not accessible forever. Imagine if someone with a crush did that to you!

              I know that this has probably, hopefully, been disproven or debunked by now. I also know I'm kind of bent for even thinking about it, but then again when you think of things like Lavender Town, Cubone, and Yamask, it's probably not all that farfetched. (( See what I did there?)) So, it's time for you, my dear readers, to weigh in. What do you think of this idea? Do you find it frightening? Is it possible or impossible considering other bits of the pokelore? I look forward to your comments.

-Cameron Carrington

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