Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thoughts on Feminism and the Media​sm1328951

This is the video that inspired this, my latest rant. People responded to it in ways that surprised me. I actually posted this whole thing on Facebook as well, but since it's gargantuan and really represents what I think about the subject I thought I'd put it up here as well.

I am as feminist as or probably more so than the next guy. All of my step fathers were abysmal failures and male role models from my past I respect are pretty thin on the ground. I believe women should earn as much as men in the workplace, I believe women should be allowed to participate in whatever sport or profession they wish without harassment or discrimination due to their gender and I believe that women should be okay with their sexuality. That being said, I also believe that men should be held to those same standards. It's okay for both genders to be sexual creatures and its okay for both genders to admire certain qualities, whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional in the partners they prefer. I believe that works that emphasize these qualities should be available to adults of either gender. In other words I am as okay with this as I am with Zelgadis appearing in Women's lingerie in Slayers Wonderful or encountering the massive amounts of Kingdom Hearts (Or Harry Potter to be more current) yaoi that is out there. It doesn’t float my boat, but I can understand why those whose boat it does float would want to see it. (I get upset at the weird pairings sometimes, but that’s weabooism rather than sexism. The point is this is okay. No-one is being hurt, and no-one is being really degraded. The clip is at least respectful to the character featured and she is not being hurt or coerced in any way. It’s her wedding day. She’s feeling nervous and a little shy. It happens. Yes, I’m sure a lot of men had their hands in this game, but the representation of a blushing bride is not a new one. The fact that her dress is slit and has a plunging neckline is a matter of fashion, not exploitation. Now if she were getting married in a Brazilian sling or skimpy swimwear that would be exploitive. If she were in a teddy, that would be exploitive, as it is this is a picture of a beautiful woman in a beautiful outfit during a wonderful and happy occasion. Yes, it is geared toward those who like the female form (One of the people who liked the video is a lesbian who is engaged to be married to her partner.) but that’s okay. It’s no reason to argue on either side of the fence. If you don’t like it you are free never to click on the link again and I will not lose any respect for you. I just ask to be allowed to appreciate it myself and to let others who will appreciate it share it. All I ask is that people let it be what it is, which is simply beautiful.

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